Lobanet friendly mobile casinos now!

There are not many mobile or online payment methods out there that are aimed directly at gamblers in the regions of Central and South America, but Lobanet is one of them.  Available to gamers within Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, and other locales, Lobanet allows for real time money transfers linked directly to the Latin American bank accounts of casino players.  The payment provider offers solid security measures to make sure your payments are clean.  Best of all, Lobanet charges absolutely no fees!

Top 3 Lobanet friendly online casino sites:
1. S Casino
2. Casino Las Vegas
3. Casino King

Another advantage to this enticing funding option is that you don’t have to register with Lobanet in order to make deposits.  As long as your bank is within the Lobanet platform, its services are at your side!  Lobanet practically eliminates every risk of funding fraud out there with its reputable security services, and the fact that you are not sharing any personal, financial details only adds to the level of safety that exists with Lobanet payments.  On top of all that good news, Lobanet deposits are instantly credited into your casino gaming account, so you can be spinning the Slot reels or hitting on Blackjack in no time.

Popular online and mobile casino houses, like Casino Las Vegas and Casino King, gladly allow for Lobanet to be the funding method for their casino players.  Because Lobanet specializes in a number of different countries, the payment provider permits deposits to be made in a number of different currencies, which is a rare feature.  Lobanet also provides 24/7 customer service support, in case you come into any issues with making deposits.  The customer support also comes in Spanish and Portuguese, which highlights the impressive regional focus that the company has with regards to its clients.  Lobanet is a growing payment option, with many other countries soon joining its network.